Kvantum Matcha Dark variation


Hi commuity, i started to build a kvantum dark variation for matcha. For now only the sea variation.
Here my last commit, can anyone help me; i have some trouble with ceratin tab and certain dropdown menu.


To test clone the repo and copy the KvMatchaDarkSea folder into ~/.config/Kvantum folder
then active the theme via Kvantum manager



Correct first post because now kvantum-manjaro-dev is in unstable branch :wink:


Hi Stefano, I would like to hook into this thread. Could you give me some links/tools how/where to start with this kind of customization? I’m using “KvAdaptDark” at the moment but I would like to make some minor modifications but I don’t find the correct screw to turn.
For example I would like to change the
a) the color of each window frame in order to get more contrast to know where one window ends and the other (behind) begins
b) I want to change the size if the grip handles (especially the combined on the right bottom) to resize a window.

I would be glad if you could give me some tips


Kvantum engine use two file to work:

  • a svg file where you can design or modify the window appareance function of the windows like radio button, checkbox, button, panel of the window. For any item in the svg file you can see with inkscape the tag to know what the item design in the qt5 app

  • a config file where you can design for any component the look of the component or the dimension and color of the fonts, shadow or tab separator for the box ecc…

if you want you can see here the documentation of Kvantum


Thanks @Ste74 that was the piece of info I was looking for. I’ll have to study that and play around to get my requirement solved.


New release is in the repo don’t consider this post :grinning:

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