[kvantum-manjaro] Help needed for color adjustment

For the next release of the Cinnamon Edition I would like to use Cinnamon/gtk-theme Mint-Y-Dark-Teal, which goes very well with the typical Manjaro color palette.
Now I have the usual problem of qt-theme integration.
In kvantum-qt5 there is a theme that matches really well: KvFlat, only the highlights are blue of course instead of green/teal.
So I am am looking for some help here. Actually the task is not at all complicated. One basically needs to adjust some color codes in one svg and two small text files, here and here.
We can then just include a clone of the KvFlat files, something like KvFlatTeal in our kvantum-manjaro repo and package.
Who would have time and be willing to accomplish that?

@Maintainers @bogdancovaciu

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Made some quick modifications. The archive has all the 3 files included and need to be placed in the correct locations
The KvFlatTeal.colors in ~/.local/share/color-schemes/
and the KvFlatTeal folder in ~/.config/Kvantum/

When will be installed, all will go in the correct /usr/share ... :slight_smile:
Let me know if is ok!

Just for future reference don't do manual work, use a script and you will turn a day of work in a 10sec operation.

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Took me 10 or 15 minutes... well, maybe 20 minutes :slight_smile:
I don't know how to use scripts to find and replace colors inside a *.svg, nor in other file type.
If i knew how to do that i might be brave enough to modify the plata-theme to Manjaro colors.

I am assuming you are somehow familiar with bash.

Genius! Thank you so much!
It will be perfect if you manage to get rid of some leftover blue, you can see it here in the menu highlight of vbox under the 'File' entry. And if it would be possible to get the teal highlight color more intense and brighter so it will be more or less the same as in the gtk theme?

@codesardine in this particular case here a script won't help. The real work here is to even find the relevant color codes and the ones to replace them with. The amount of occurrences and files is very limited here.

I honestly don't know where that one comes from. Same in VLC and Okular :thinking:

Apparently in some situations i have to use a different color code, but the original theme had different codes of blueish ... and the lightest green i used is lighter than the gtk one, yet need to be more light.
I'll have another look later this evening, or tomorrow morning.

Find the color code, make a script that opens all files in a directory and replaces that color, done, run script again for another color.

Usually well done themes have only one file with variables that hold all colors, changing there should change in every file.

I bet you can bang something like that in bash in 10m @cscs

Well, as I said, @codesardine. Just look at the three files in question here. Makes no sense at all here.
The real problem is knowing the right color codes, that's the work here. Finding what even needs to be replaced and with what. Once you have the codes, you just replace the few entries, no big deal.

:+1: Thank you!

I know, I was just thinking forward, pretty sure in a near future someone will need to dig in a 5000 lines theme.

There it is in the svg:


Modern gtk3 themes are created with sass, where usually you only need to replace a few codes before compiling the theme. In other older cases we have created more or less sophisticated PKGBUILDs to do the job ... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Most of the time it's not just a simple color, but endless variations and shades with all different codes, so that can make it really difficult.

If you use a power editor like atom or vs code you can install a plugin to read all color code with preview so is easy find the color to change.. the problem is if we have to change more of what is already done in the svg or kvantum file because is needed a little knowledge of css coding or how in qt or gtk code are called the window property ..


That seems like a time saver :+1:

Is the way i visualize the SVG files too, and edit them like that, not from inkscape because it will break the file.

Not sure i follow ... i think that is defined in the *.kvconfig file and it has a name i don't know, not a color per se ... I might be wrong.

Fixed some of the greens


and in VBox

but that blue on the Menu is something else ... You want to lighten up also the menu itself ?

I like @codesardine's idea, and i will learn (when time will be favorable) about those scripts, but for now i rely only on what i see :slight_smile:



Menu highlights in your screenshot look perfect!

Partially fixed

I have to read about where the Menu button/thing is defined. Compared to other themes is not something obvious, but rather something defined in the *.kvconfig file.

I don't understand. Isn't it obvious that there are these 4 blue lines in the svg? I can still see them in your updated version.