Kvantum lock toolbars in freecad, librecad etc

I can’t move toolbars in Freecad for better organize workspace when using kvantum theme. When kvantum manager uninstalled everything works fine, but I would like ti use kvantum. Is it possible to fix this? I looked for parameter in kvantum settings but find nothing

I’m using Manjaro Gnome. Kvantum theme: nordic-solid.
Freecad and Librecad installed from Manjaro repositories by using pamac

So, if you set your better workspace in FreeCAD without Kvnatum, and once you are happy with it apply a Kvantum theme, doesn’t work?

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Yes, this is as an option. But when freecad updates - toolbars position reset to default. Freecad updates often enough and reinstalling kvantum manager each time after freecad update a bit frustrated. I found another way - I downloaded freecad appimage and adjusted toolbars position there, because kvantum doesn’t worl inside appimage. But freecad appimage & freecad installed from pamac have the same config folder, so all changes in interface automatically apllied to both freecad.