Kudos to the Discobot dev and the artist(s) who created the certificates.

  1. Who developed @discobot ? Even if you want to remain anonymous: Kudos and thanks for that work! I had a few laughs with it...
  2. I got the Manjaro User Certificate on 2019-12-16 and the Advanced User yesterday 2019-12-19. I'm going to add both to my LinkedIn account and my CV. :innocent:
    So thank you to the artist(s) that designed these!
  3. I've taken the freedom to add:
    Advanced user tutorial completion certificate
    to my own local copy of the Advanced certificate I've been given as that's missing from there (hint... hint...)

Nice touches those badges and certs.

Personally I'm thankful to be Regular, but how did this forum know :thinking: and let's keep the Certified thing quiet. :shushing_face: ... I promise to stay on my meds this time.


pretty sure discobot was made by a Discourse dev/dev(s).
It's also available on other discourse forums, like the Ubuntu Budgie and Ubuntu MATE ones, which I am in.


I guess it's this one:

Seems it's not in active development anymore. Last commit is from April 2016.


No, that's for Discord. Discord is another IM platform.
We're talking about Discourse.
This is @discobot on discourse: https://blog.discourse.org/2017/08/who-is-discobot/


:joy:, true. I'm always mixing these up.

No problem, so am I :stuck_out_tongue:

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