ktouch does not start since last update

Hey all :slight_smile:
Ktouch does not start since last update to version 18.12.3-1
The message is:

Typewriting Trainer has encountered a runtime error and has to be closed


qrc:/qml/main.qml: File was compiled ahead of time with an incompatible version of Qt and the original file cannot be found. Please recompile

Thanks for reading! I hope my feedback will find the way to the people whom may concern.
cheers, lib2know

Reported here

yet it might depend totally on the arch packager Antonio Rojas … on testing branch the version is 18.12.3-2
Maybe you just have to update again as there was a new stable update announcement

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Thank you,
after installing 18.12.3-2 it is working like charme again.
cheers, lib2know

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Even I was facing this error but was intermittent in my case
Retrying solved and the problem and worked for me, is it not the case with you ?