Krunner freezes if first character is = sign

krunner freezes when typing = sign as its first character. The = sign can be used after, as long as it is not the first character. I can use for instance 2+2=, but if I start with = it just freezes. krunner just sits open, frozen and I can still use the system while is shows on the screen. When frozen, I have tried to kill the process but it doesn’t die… Eventually, something like a minute of two, krunner restarts and it becomes usable again.

I am running stable KDE and I am happy to provide any information that might be useful, just tell me what code to run, etc.

Hi @danoselti

Can’t confirm that but something similar has been reported upstream with bug report 454130.
A few things to try for you:

  1. Clear Krunner history in System Settings > Search > Plasma Search > Clear History > For all activities
  2. Deactivate Calculator plugin in Krunner settings: System Settings > Search > Plasma Search > Calculator and also Unit conversion = off
  3. If the issue still happens then open terminal and run: krunner --replace and see if you get a crash output.

Please also read details of upstream bug report and follow the progress. It will eventually get fixed by KDE.

I just tried it. No problem here. A specific config thing?

Not sure what plugins I am using.

I actually can reproduce it. It doesn’t happen immediately when you type =. When you type = followed by letters and you type very very fast, then krunner crashes.
Deactivating the calculator plugin in settings helps in my case.

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Thanks for the quick reply everyone

It seems to be related to bug report 454130 although in my case it just freezes and it is more likely to happen if I start a string calling Calculator plugin (invoking =) from the start. It is something related to this plugin it seems.

  1. Clearing history temporarily resolved the issue. I was able to reproduced it again by chance but now is less frequent
  2. I actually use Calculator a lot so I will try to leave it on. I can do some queries without having to type =
  3. Once it becomes more frequent I will try the krunner --replace command to try to capture a crash output