KRFB causes kwin_wayland to permanently use 100% of a CPU core

Upon starting up the KRFB application (KDE’s VNC server) the process kwin_wayland will permanently consume 100% of one CPU core until rebooting. Merely opening the application and confirming its rights triggers this problem, even before connecting with the KRDC client.

Obviously I’m using the Wayland Plasma session not X11. Can anyone else confirm this on it, and knows if there are any workarounds or open bug reports on the matter?

Thanks. That seems to describe the exact same base issue… problem is it says it’s fixed in kernel 6.4.6, that’s exactly the version I’m on and got this with. Might the fix not be in our version of the kernel, or could my problem be related to a different cause that wasn’t addressed?

Oh: Just looked again and someone else said it’s not fixed in 6.4.6. At least the issue is known, hopefully it will be solved before I have to leave and will be using VNC.

Indeed, it’s not.

Um, I guess that’ll depend on when you will be using VNC again, because that fix is not exactly going to come down the pike any minute. :stuck_out_tongue:

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