Konsole Starts with ~>>>

I just updated my wife’s computer, and the update finished but was stuck at this line below.
I rebooted the computer, and everything is fine and working, and no error message. Except when when I launch the console it starts with the following instead of home.
j@Man-b85 Linux 5.10.84-1-MANJARO x86_64 21.2.0 Qonos
~ >>>
Needless to say I’ve never seen this before, and have no idea how to fix it if it’s even fixable?

Can you provide a screenshot please?


I guess you were using bash before, and recent KDE update made a switch to zsh by default.

There are several threads about it. You can stick to zsh but customize it with manjaro-zsh-config to make it look more pleasant. Or decide to revert back to bash.

Make sure manjaro-zsh-config is installed and then do

cp /etc/skel/.zshrc ~/

to have a correct zsh config.


That fixed it.

Thank you very much!

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