Konsole SSH Plugin don't save username


The new konsole have the plugin system with ssh manager. The plugin works fine but it don’t save the username. The others options works, but username works only after add/update the connection. If I close konsole and open it again, the connection don’t have the username.

Same issue for me.

cat ~/.config/konsolesshconfig does not show username .

You can report the KDE bug of konsole SSH Plugin or ask KDE Forum.

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Have you considered using ~/.ssh/config to setup your connection parameters?

Something like

Host nickname
  Hostname aur.archlinux.org
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/aur.ppk
  User aur

There is only one choice of SSH configuration in KDE konsole plugin → SSH Manager:

  • Use ~/.ssh/config for key
  • Username or SSH key in the configuration of “SSH Manager”. (from ~/.config/konsolesshconfig)

I got the error message: “If Use Ssh Config is set, do not specify sshkey or username” when both are chosen.

@miguelangellv means that this username disappears after saving(Update).

I checked “Use ~/.ssh/config for key” but KDE console plugin “SSH Manager” can not load this config. It has the bug.

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It is resolved in master. We need wait to the new release.


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