Konsole and Fastfetch

What is going on with Fonts in Konsole and this Line in Fastfetch. It means I have to run Konsole extra wide to avoid wrap around of text?
‘’‘Theme: Breeze (nordicbluish) [QT], Breeze-Dark [GTK2], Breeze [GTK3/4]ss/ osssso+++.’‘’
Not a biggie,just annoying!

I see what you mean - however fastfetch is independently developed.

When the text wraps - because the content is too long - it is a fastfetch issue, not easy to fix I guess.

From the issue tracker Issues · fastfetch-cli/fastfetch · GitHub it seems formatting is on the improvement list.


I guessed as much. Thank-you.

What font are you using in Konsole? I use Hack and have no issues.

Did you mean ```? :wink:

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Maybe this is a very noob question, but, where do you change the font face in konsole?

I browse twice in konsole preferences and dont find where to set fonts.


Go to System SettingsText & FontsFonts.

There you will see Fixed Width with the chosen font next to it. Clicking the (pencil) edit button will allow you to choose another font.

Note that this is the default font for console apps. Mine currently is Hack.

I hope this helps. Cheers.

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TBH I think fastfetch works best in Kitty, where you can get the LOGO to appear without spaces/lines.

It looks fine in both Konsole and Yakuake (defaults) as well.

I just looked and found another way than what @soundofthunder just said:

right click in the Konsole window → Edit current Profile → Appearance
in the tab "Colorscheme&Font - underneath the window with the different Profiles you can select

choose a monospace font …
it is currently, for me: “Hack Nerd Font Mono 11pt”

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That must only work if you already have a profile defined, which I don’t; without that, Edit current profile doesn’t exist on right-click.

Easily fixed, I imagine, with Create new profile. :smile:

Yes - I created a new one because I couldn’t convince the also present Bash profile to … do what the name suggested or switch to it. So I created a new one and made that the default.

In your Konsole Profile.
Create one if you have none, and set it as default, restart Konsole then.

Ctrl and + or Ctrl and - (plus or Minus)

No. This is not it at all (and that’s already answered).

They are the keyboard shortcuts to change font size. I misread it myself, at first. It’s how to change the font that @Mesias actually asked about.


Haha this just fixed my spaced out logo anyway, cheers :beers: