Kolourpaint missing icons

For some reason the icons in kolourpaint don't seem to work anymore for me.

I don't know since when this is an issue, since I don't use Kolourpaint that often.
But all of a sudden all the icons on the left side are not working/broken.
I've tried reinstalling it, as well as installing (building) kdebase-runtime or the kde libs (forgot the name in the package manager).

I am running a XFCE desktop, and Kolourpaint always has been running totally fine.
(thanks for suggesting other paint software, but I would like to stay with Kolourpaint)

I have been searching and looking around now, but I can't find anything that's even workable.
Suggestions are more than welcome!

If Kolourpaint is a Qt-based application as I suspect, you should check the icon theme in qt5ct (not the system icon settings).

Well, I dug a little deeper.

Starting from the terminal gave me this;qt5ct: using qt5ct plugin
Icon theme "breeze" not found.
Icon theme "breeze" not found.
Icon theme "breeze-dark" not found.
qt5ct: D-Bus global menu: no

Which was quite odd, since I don't even have that selected in the config tool.
Anyway, after changing the icon theme, the icons do change, but it's all still messed up.

The message I'm getting now is;
qt5ct: using qt5ct plugin
qt5ct: D-Bus global menu: no

I installed Kolourpaint to see and now I understand what you mean by 'messed up'. I see colourful graphical artifacts underneath the icons, in the block background. It happens only for the tool box on the left, not for the other toolbars.
I have no idea why that happens, but I am pretty sure it is not an icon problem (if that helps narrowing down your searches).

So this looks like it's just like a bug in Kolourpaint?

Or is it a bug in Manjaro?
Or in QT?
or ....... ?

Absolutely no one else using this program and heaving these issues?

I had the same issue and found the solution here: Restore missing icons
With installing breeze-icons issuw was solved.

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