Kodi-rk and ffmpeg-rk - no OSD in Kodi

i’m currently working on setting up my Odroid M1 as a Media Center with Kodi. Yesterday during testing, I came across the issue that there is no hardware decoding available with the standard kodi package. I was very happy when I learned, that somebody put up an alternative package in the repos, so I installed kodi-rk and ffmpeg-rk. The good news is, that video playback of HD material is now perfectly smooth. The bad news is, that there is now no on screen display (OSD) during video playback in Kodi. I think that kodi in this version is unable to draw on top of the video output, because navigating the on screen menu “blind” does work. I searched the web for this behaviour, but found nothing. Has anybody come across this situation and knows a solution?

I’m using an Odroid M1 (4GB ram) with Manjaro minimal install (Image: Manjaro-ARM-minimal-om1-23.02.img.xz).

[saruman@isengard ~]$ uname -a
Linux isengard 6.2.10-1-MANJARO-ARM #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Apr  8 14:02:33 UTC 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux

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I will check with kodi team and if osd is missing then i can add it in the next version