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PIM (Personal Info Management) or DAM (Digital Asset Management) and Knowledge Management are tools-applications that seem completely missing on all platforms by default, but to me such software is essential - why storing loose files in a chaotic way everywhere scattered on disk, when you can have a searchable journal-database where everything is connected with tags, contexts, notes, dates, and links?
Seems crazy this kind of software is so much ignored.

Before I worked on Mac, switching to Manjaro I needed some viable solutions to continue with my daily routines.
I found several apps which could help me to collect multimedia-informations (supporting: rich text, links, pictures, video, audio). And the best choices were Cherrytree and Trilium, both available as AUR packages.

The newest version of Cherrytree is a biit old, it writes and reads slowly from disk, and the gui-icons are damn tiny. But it's working and I hope to use it for a while.
Trilium instead, looks phenomenal but has some learning curve to get into it.

These days I am having a problem with Trilium, before and after the latest updates of my system.
Something must be broken, I also downloaded Trilium's latest version this morning, restarted my machine but Trilium refuses still to launch. Very unhappy about because a week ago or so I ran that app and now nothing anymore.

Anyway, to the curators of the repos out here in the forums: what are the requisites for applications to be listed in Manjaro's repos? please add Trilium and eventually also Cherrytree to the official repos!
It is essential software, AUR packages are not always working…or updated

Launch from a terminal and post errors here.

I just installed it and user rights of opt/trilium/chrome-sandbox have to be changed to 4755.

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Beat me to it :smiley:

sudo chmod 4755 /opt/trilium/chrome-sandbox
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Thanks to both, worked for me too!

if you know more of this kind of software let me know.

I use simplenote (and on android) and emacs org-mode for everything.

Pretty hardcore, spartan apps. Lookin more like CSS editors :rofl:
I am sure they are useful, still coming from Mac Os environment, I think more at MacJournal, DevonThink and there like. I guess Trilium is a nice replacement, almost done re-creating my digital office in Linux
I do not wanna go back to Apple

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Fight it! Stay on Team Tux. Resist the ifruit! It's not worth it, you have so much to live for!
I mean, look how cute he is --> :penguin:



:arrow_up: Emacs orgmode

:arrow_up: Emacs org-bable config, emacs lisp embedded in an orgmode document :smiley:

i found 2 more applications which look very nice:

  • Xournal++
  • NixNote

I have not tried Xournal but NixNote is great, from my previous experience. I hope NixNote could be part of the normal repos, as i do not wanna mess up my system for some older software from the AUR repos. I already messed up with Manjaro and do not like to do it again with my new installation

I got a ton of depreciated-kind of messages with pamac but NixNote installed nevertheless at the end. I feel not safe to run/use it
The log is too long so i can attach a file, if somebody is interested in.

Is there no other option version of NixNote? i could not find a Snap version - i guess i have to look for a windows application allowing me to collect my data.
I have tried with trilium, but the visualization of pictures is not the way i need.
CherryTree is not bad, and the way i should go if i cannot find a more updated application package. So pity, as NixNote is great.

Do we actually know for sure that Tux is a he?



Agreed. I've used CT for years, & think it has much to commend it, & yet... i'm conscious of the fact that somehow it just doesn't quite feel right... it is trying but not quite fully succeeding to scratch my anal-retentive rich-text + image note-taking need. To date though, in Linux, i've not found a better fit for me... but i live in hope

Good point. I just sort of figured with that semi-dopey yet adorable look.

I found yet another app, called Amanote
the only version i get is an AppImage format, there is no AUR package or community p. available.
…it does not run, so i tried to run it from the Terminal:

installed: X-AppImage-BuildId=8689cb30-90d5-11a6-1d9d-836155ca6a47 image: X-AppImage-BuildId=8689cb30-90d5-11a6-1d9d-836155ca6a47

(Amanote:8470): Pango-ERROR **: 12:52:24.456: Harfbuzz version too old (1.2.7)

i have newer versions of Harfbuzz installed. So nothing i could do to repair the AppImage:expressionless:

I found more software :sweat_smile:


…all nice and good, buuut…not the app I really need.
Is there something like DevonThink on Linux?

If I look back to my Mac, I needed many small programs to accomplish tasks, on Linux apps are not overloaded and more compact - love that. An upgraded CherryTree…would do it.
Basically I am looking for:
A kind of offline database application, able to contain any kind of file format able to write nice in WYSIWYG format - CherryTree is awesome but does not support Audio, Video, nor pdf.

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