Kmail import archive

I always chose the following method for a archive:
extras - Import from another mail program - PIM import program - Manual selection - File xyz.
Now the following error message appears:

The archive file '/home/... /.../Archiv ... /2023-11-11.tarbz2' cannot be opened.

Can anyone help?
Majaro plasma is up to date.

First rename the file correctly as a archive. 2023-11-11.tarbz22023-11-11.tar.bz2

If it still doesn’t work, where did that file come from? If you right-click it and “Open with Ark” does it open there?

All the files are correctly written. It was only my mistake writing in the thread.
All existing tar.bz2 files can be opened with ark.
Even a recently created tar.bz2 cannot be opened.

If it can’t be opened with Ark then either it’s not a file or it’s corrupted. What does file 2023-11-11.tar.bz2 say?

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All existing tar.bz2 files can be opened with ark.[/quote]
I made a test today, the very new tar.bz2 cannot be opened like all others.

Then the file is corrupt. What does… :point_down:

file name-of-the.tar.bz2

… say?