Kmail fetches e-mails from the mailboxes several times

Hello all,

I have since some weeks the problem with Kmail (Kontct). Kmail fetches e-mails from the mailboxes several times. I use pop3. KMail is configured so that e-mails from the last weeks are left on the server and exactly these e-mails are downloaded again every time (every 15 minutes). Is this a known problem of KMail or can it also be caused by my provider? Has kMail a log file to see what’s happen?

As I understand it — I could be wrong — POP3 does not allow for copies of the emails that are left on the server to be marked as read, and will thus download them again upon the next time.

If you really need this functionality, then you should be using IMAP, or at least, if your provider allows for that.

Thank you for the answer.
The weird thing is that I’ve been using the pop3 settings for a while without any problems. From the server also the already read emails are downloaded again.

That’s because it is POP3. If you want to keep read emails on the server without re-downloading them again, you need an IMAP mail account instead. But of course, your mail provider must support IMAP. If the provider only supplies POP3, then you cannot do this.

For both users K-mail works again, the e-mails are fetched only once and the number of e-mails defined in K-mail is kept on the server.

For one of the two users, I manually deleted the duplicate emails and marked all emails as read, as well as slightly adjusted the number of messages to be left on the server in the settings.

With the second user, the workaround didn’t work. For this user, I have to set up K-Mail in short term so that all e-mails are downloaded. After a few days, I have undone the configuration, so that an appropriate number of e-mails are left on the server.

Currently, I assume that the behavior was a short-term bug in K-Mail or akonadi. If the problem described in the first post occurs again, I will report.

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