KIO GDrive / Share your Experiences and thoughts about it

After some research regarding functions (also related to mobile phones), I would like to use a Google Cloud solution (previously I had the Microsoft Cloud - but this is no longer an option).

Since I also want to get the whole thing running on the computer without the browser, I also need a solution for Dolphin.

Since KIO GDrive ( KIO GDrive - KDE-Anwendungen) seems to be the solution - what are your experiences with it, does it run reliably? Does it do what it should? Please give me your feedback so that I don’t invest too much time in a possible solution that causes further problems.

Kio Gdrive has given me no trouble whatsoever; you could almost think of it as set and forget. If you used Google drive in MacOS or Windows, KIO-Gdrive in Linux is a little different, however.

The drive is accessible from under Network in Dolphin as opposed to being under a User profile; although you could set a symbolic link to wherever is convenient. I also found that the Shared Drives feature of Google Drive didn’t translate as intuitively as expected, and so I chose to ignore that completely.

I found also that once the drive was setup and configured, the Google Drive GUI itself was superfluous, as basic Gdrive functionality as handled by KIO-Gdrive still worked through Dolphin, regardless. Any account operations, for example, can more easily be handled online.

It has been a while since installing, but so far, it hasn’t missed a beat.


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Thanks for your Feedback.