Killing SSD

The Linux page has software only for RedHat and SUSE.

Shall we be worried and take some steps?

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Are you using SAS drives?

The article and several comments say the bug is specific to enterprise class SAS interface SSDs, not the more typical consumer class SATA interfaced SSDs.


Only if you own one of their affected products. If not no.


If the SSD in the HPE products runs a firmware version older than HPD7, they will fail after being powered on for 40,000 hours; this translates into 4 years, 206 days, 16 hours and it is about half a year shorter than the extended warranty available for some of them.

Seems like someone put the decimal point in the wrong spot for the built in kill switch for when warranty expires.

We really need an emoji wearing a tinfoil hat :grin:


Aha, I thought it was for all SSD's.

Thank you=

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Only the ones mentioned on that page. Some Sandisk OEM drives in Dell machines too (may be the same models HP use in their affected machines)

As always though, it pays to keep an eye on your own drive's manufacturer website just in case some issue that can be corrected via firmware update crops up. I use Micron's Crucial brand drives, they release ISO images for updating firmware occasionally. I also own a Samsung EVO 970 but that is maintained via their windows utility since I use W10 for some games.

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Just because you're paranoid does not mean they're not out to get you.


Oh but we are everywhere and watching :busts_in_silhouette:


My SSD drive died a couple months ago :smirk:

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