Kibojoe Linux - Manjaro Linux re-spin with JWM [18.02rc5 is ready > 2018-03-19]



Just a quick bit of feedback. Everything seems to be working well at the moment using rc3. Still working on transferring all of my stuff from a previous disk.


Installed using a “real” UEFI/gpt, or Legacy/mbr/bios system ? -there’s a difference here that I hope you realize. :wink:
…and VB doesn’t work at all, as you yourself have discovered.


Nobody seems to be stepping up to the “plate” here. why ?



if possible, answer @scjet 's question…
thanks for the feedback!

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


good observation…:wink:
i really do not know…

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


did you have the opportunity to test some of the Manjaro JWM iso?
the latest version was code 25217 (…
if so, we had problems with uefi/gpt?

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


I’m using old stylee legacy mbr/bios install.


then the problem is with uefi/gpt…
let’s see if someone helps us!

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


hi all,
creating a new iso 17.04rc4. however, still using manjaro-tools v0.15.1.

with grub-quiet 2.02.0-1

let’s see if that resolves the problem with uefi/gpt…

vlw fwi, Holmes


:heart::heart: Kibojoe Linux 17.04rc4 - Manjaro Linux re-spin with JWM is ready :heart::heart:

I’m happy to announce our FOURTH release candidate of Kibojoe Linux (Manjaro Linux re-spin with JWM), codename Portela.

:: Change Log (rc4) ::

• grub-quiet 2.02.0.

:: Links ::

• Download Kibojoe Linux 17.04rc4:
• Forum Kibojoe Linux:
• Site Kibojoe Linux:

kind regards,
Kibojoe Linux Team


guys, good night!
could someone there test the iso (rc4) with uefi/gpt system?

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


.I’ll do a modest stepping up then:
I started the live CD in a VM and it does come up with a black screen…but wait…'
After a loong time and pressing enter it started so it does not stop at the black screen.

It does stop on the “started TLP system…” as mentioned above.
So maybe that narrows the issue down.

It looks like it goes into a loop.
I tried entering the shell but only v1 works so I cannot do the bcfg boot dump -v thingy…
So basically rc4 Live CD stops at the same point regardlless of VM or bare metal boot.


it’s kinda fscked that way, right now, and still is.
And, it is kinda weird that in “Legacy/Bios/MBR” it installs just fine, but in any “VB”, and/or pure UEFI/gpt install -> and more importantly, a post-install, - it’s a complete FAIL.
But hey, maybe @robinw0800, or anyone else, will show up with a complete code fix for @Holmes, just like he, (so-called), said he did before?
But right now, around here, it seems Manjaro is having their own problems with systems hanging after “Started TLP …”, so we’ll have to wait-n-see.
…holding my breath.


Do we know that this is a JWM spin thing? Does Manjaro Xfce4 install painlessly in EFI mode in a VM (I have it running in UEFI on my Lenovo dualbooting with Win 10)?


Yes, I tested xfce, as well as KDE 17.01 or whatever, …, I tested 4 different Manjaro DE-distro’s, a week ago, and they ALL installed in Uefi, and/or Legacy, as well as VB just fine.
So ya, it’s likely a screwy Kibojoe build, but ya, I’m just reporting all the “facts”, and on 3 different threads.
So, whatever @Homes can or can’t do with those “facts”, is up to him/her?


Yes I can only confirm your findings regarding VM. It does not matter whether it is EFI or Grub/MBR - it will stop at the same point.


Nice work Holmes. Another JWM winner!!. All working well for me apart from a couple of carping criticisms

  1. I can’t work out how to change the desktop background. I knew where I was with Nitrogen but I’m buggered if I can work out how to change it on this edition.

  2. Ctl/Alt/Backspace no longer seems to work for me.

You may be able to cancel 1. I can see how to use Feh to change the background. Now I need to test it after a reboot.

And the results are in. Reboot takes me back to the default background


@Holmes: please adopt to v0.15.2 Manjaro-Tools at least. That version is used for all our current ISOs.


@philm: i updated mt to 0.15.2-1, but it is giving error, see

i am using git iso-profiles!

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


disable randwall in start file (use JWMConf > option 8)
then you can use feh to change the wallpaper

obs.: here nitrogen does not work for me…

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile: