Kibojoe Linux - Manjaro Linux re-spin with JWM [18.02rc5 is ready > 2018-03-19]



hello all,
Colletion Wallpaper Kibo Planet for Kibojoe Linux 18.02 Vai-Vai

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


Heh, just thought it would go away. Asked about a torrent only to realize I’d overlooked it on the download page. That said, the download page is only listing 17.09, so 18.02 isn’t ready yet, or…?


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dale dale…

18.02 i’m still testing!
modifying everything and everything…
is not available…

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Looking good, and Happy New Year @Holmes and everyone! :tada::fireworks:


Found one very minor thing you might want to fix on the installer, and that’s the colour of the error messages. I forgot to log onto my network and am doing the install while running on battery, and of course Calamares warned me about these things. Of course that warning is a bit difficult to read in the default light grey on white message box.

Speaking of Calamares, I might suggest stealing… I mean borrowing something from Bluestar Linux, and this goes for Manjaro as well. During the install process, it pops up a ‘details’ box, which is quite nice as during those periods where it remains at a certain percentage for a bit, you can see that it hasn’t frozen as the details box shows you what it’s working on.


hello @Javarod

may be some problem with the gtk theme (Adwaita-Dark)!
do you know if this difficulty in reading the message is perceived in other versions of Manjaro?

you could suggest this to the Calamares developers in

i suggest you do this…

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


@Holmes: I’m about to release another stable branch update, which includes some fixes to CAL and the current Memory exploit.


Well, Bluestar is using a popup of some sort, so while it could be added to Calamares, and might not be a bad idea, they found a way to do it independently which might be worth looking into.

As to the problem, it probably is the theme, since I don’t recall having that problem with any previous install. That or it’s a recent problem.


Ok, decided to install this on my main computer as I’m enjoying it on my laptop (need to fix a few things), but have run into problems with the resolution. As shown on this thread later kernels don’t like to detect the native resolution of my monitor, but I finally fixed it. Unfortunately though, KiboJoe seems to not only be ignoring that configuration file, it also forgets any changes I set using ARandR. How can I fix this?

Also the resolution for FireFox is different than the rest of the system which has me even more flummoxed.


hello mate @Javarod
see this article

maybe solve the problem of arandr!

about firefox, could you post something?

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:

Undetected resolutions in Kibojoe

I’ll have to translate that as I only speak two languages, English and Bad English :smiley:

In all seriousness, that only partially solves the problem, the main problem is that for some reason it’s ignoring the configuration file I created which worked under Maté. While X doesn’t need a configuration file, it is supposed to use one if it’s there, which is how you add undetected resolutions.

As to Firefox, seems it’s not the only problem, as I’m setting up my apps I’m finding that all of them are at a different resolution than the system.

And now we have a new problem, DeadBeef won’t play my music. In the past, this error (speeding through the playlist without playing anything) has meant the drive wasn’t mounted, but PCMan shows it mounted and allows me to navigate it, but DeadBeef doesn’t seem to be able to, whether I use an existing playlist, or tell it to load a folder.


hello @Javarod
the text says xrandr settings need to be in the start file of the JWM

in /home/.jwm/start

here the deadbeef works normally. I’ll do some testing with him later.

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


Ok, I need to edit the start file any how, and IIRC you’ve supplied instructions, so that’s easy enough. I assume I just need to point it to the config file, or is there something else I need to do? I’m a little confused as Mate found the config file without me needing to tell it anything.

The notable thing with DeadBeef is that my music is on an external USB hard drive. The error I’m seeing is the same one I saw in Xfce when I forgot to mount the drive in Thunar before telling DB to play my music, but in this case PCMan shows it as mounted.


for exemple

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


Looks pretty straightforward, but will that work with undetected resolutions? I had to use the CVT command to find my resolution, and then create a config file as kernels later than 4.4 don’t auto detect it.


This looks really good! What is that panel at the top? a wbar?


hello @fatboy
the dock bar is the tray itself JWM. see image, it’s pretty

obs.: a) this week i’m going to release a test version and b) i installed the wbar, but it has annoying bug that i could not solve…

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


Ah cool. So that top bar is trayer?


:heart::heart: Kibojoe Linux 18.02rc1 - Manjaro Linux re-spin with JWM is ready :heart::heart:

I’m happy to announce our FIRST release candidate (RC1) of Kibojoe Linux (Manjaro Linux re-spin with JWM), codename Vai-Vai. So what is Kibojoe Linux? Kibo is one of three volcanic cones of Killimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa (Tanzania). We adopted the name joe from Joe Wingbermuehle, the creator and maintainer of Joe’s Window Manager (JWM), wrote a window manager and called it JWM to run on the X window system. This release comes with advanced graphical installer Calamares. Stable branch was used to create the install media. For more information please read the Kibojoe JWM User Orientation Guide (Start > Support > Kibojoe > User Orientation Guide).

Change Log (rc1)

  • Remove Feh,
  • Add Rofi, Light, Gsimplecal, GPicView and Nitrogen,
  • New JWM Theme SX-Dark,
  • New LXDM Theme SX-Dark-Simple,
  • New Collection Wallpapers Dunes and Moon,
  • New DockAppJWM, made with tray JWM.
  • New LeaveJWM, made with Rofi,
  • New Window Buttons JWM Flat-SX Theme,
  • New GTK Theme Numix-SX-Dark,
  • New Icon Theme Surfn-Mint-X-Grey,
  • New Mouse Cursor Theme Bridge,
  • Using Nitrogen, a background browser and setter for X windows,
  • Using GPicView, a simple and fast image viewer for X,
  • Using Light, program to easily change brightness on backlight-controllers,
  • Using Gsimplecal, a simple and lightweight GTK calendar,
  • Using JWM 2.3.7-1,
  • Using Kernel Linux414,
  • Add option in menu JWM “Places” and “Leave”,
  • General review CLI Utilities,
  • Update User Orientation Guide,
  • Packages updates and some corrections (Stable Update Manjaro 2018-01-07).

Download Kibojoe Linux 18.02rc1:

kind regards,
Kibojoe Linux Maintenance Team


Thank you!