Keybord won't function after re-logging into the system


First post, I would like to report an issue that I’m getting, and whether any other user got that issue.

I’m running Manjaro xfce with 5.9.11-3 kernel, and I have setup the system to use a screen saver after some time, and then log out after a few more minutes.

All good with that, works fine, however I’ve noticed that once you log back in from this state, the keyboard will not work. Meaning that it is powered as normal but any keystrokes won’t register.

You can fix that by clicking on the Manjaro icon on the task bar to open the start menu. If you do that, the keyboard will magically start working again.
It seems like a bug to me, so, I’m not sure if this category is the correct one for this type of problems.

Please advice…