Keyboard "super" button turns black screen on XFCE

With normal developer use, using nodejs, git client, web browser, vagrant, after hours of use, randomly the following happens:

When you press the "super" button on the keyboard to open the xfce whisker menu, the screen goes black with cursor. I press Ctrl + Alt + F7, and it returns to my desktop, where the displayed whiskey menu appears.

I started closing open processes, and nothing. Until I closed, process xfce4-session, which closed my user session. I opened it again and the "super" button on the keyboard returned to normal operation, opening the whisker menu without locking the screen to black.

With this it seems to me that the problem may go in xfce4 session.

Will it be an xfce problem? is there any way to fix it permanently or temporarily?


Checking more, after leaving the system constantly suspended for a long time, the above mentioned error appears. It only happens sometimes, so I can't confirm it, but it may be related

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