Keyboard not working - Manjaro guest VirtualBox install

Hi Manjaro community,

I am new here and soo far I like the community. This is my first time trying another OS other than Windows. I installed the latest version of Manjaro in VirtualBox about a month ago. My keyboard is completely unresponsive. It is hard to do anything. I tried resetting and changing the setting but it didn’t work. I have Linux Mint and the keyboard works fine there.



Changed the title and moved to proper category to reflect better the issue.
If your install is older than a month, that means you did not made some updates, but, is the keyboard working to chose another kernel (if you have it installed) in GRUB, when starting the virtual machine? Can you access GRUB menu?

Also, since is a VM install, you can always do another install in another VM, and see if the keyboard works, and the quickest test you can do is in live media.

Keyboards always work - unless you have removed support for USB devices - but usually VirtualBox warns that basic USB support must be enabled.

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I am using Lysia 20.0.3. I have Mint installed on VirtaulBox and it works there. I am very new to this world and I do not what is GRUB. How do I know I have access to GRUB?

I took a look at it and it seem fine. There is my mouse, keyboard and some other device.