Keyboard Logitech K400

I had just updated my Manjaro install and now it appears the touchpad on this keyboard randomly freezes where I cannot move the mouse cursor. While still plugged in, I attached a USB mouse and I can move the cursor without issue.
Any suggestions on what may have caused this. The last update prior to this one was about 10 days ago.

Thank you.

Easiest start to solve this issue is trying other kernels.

Thanks, I will attempt this resolution this weekend and post results.

What is the kernel version and ARM device?

They have been messing with the logitech module in the recent kernels starting in about kernel 5.2 something if I remember right. When they first added the changes my mouse did not work at all. The logitech drivers had been loading as generic devices and they wanted to incorporate the various functions specific to the logitech devices.

We had been reverting the drivers/hid/hid-logitech-dj.c file back to using the original one until all of our logitech devices worked. So guessing your particular logitech device may have gotten caught up in the process of them changing things around.

Thanks Ray, I hope to work on this later today.

Here is the file I reverted back to it's original state a while back in a kernel tree I maintain for dvb/atsc/dvbt devices if you are running a later kernel:

[bob@Pi4 ~]$ uname -r
[bob@Pi4 ~]$

Raspberry Pi4

4.19 was before they made the change to the logitech driver....

interesting, I loaded Raspbian and don't have the issue.

I ran across a post where a guy was having the same issue with your device and he installed sonaar to configure/pair it. Sonaar is supposed to have a GUI and terminal mode:

Installing from the Ubuntu Software, Un-pairing and then Re-pairing the keyboard (I was prompted to switch off and then switch on the keyboard again during the process) seemed to improve matters.

[ray@manjaro ~]$ pacman -Ss  solaar
community/solaar 1.0.1-2
    Linux device manager for a wide range of Logitech devices

Just a thought.

If you have something connected to the USB3 port the radiation from USB3 communications can disturb other radio devices like wireless keyboards. My wireless mouse and keyboard worked flawlessly until I connected a hard disk to the RPI4 USB3 connector. The keyboard and mouse started to freeze every now and then and keyboard could suddenly multiply my keystrokes.

After moving my keyboard and mouse radio receivers about 40 cm away from the RPI4 USB3 to a usb-hub the problem went away.

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this was the issue, I really appreciate your input. I moved the receiver away about 20 cm and issue did not re-appear. When you said about multiple keystrokes, I remembered that happening. thanks again.

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