keyboard layout issue as it doesn't read alternate alphabets using 'shift' key

i use georgian keyboard layout and it's non-latin and contains 33 alphabets.
prior to coming to manjaro i've had installed Georgian layout on every system i used including other linux distros and os x and windows. in all instanses it used shift+t/j/s etc, for alternate symbols. and it mostly called Georgian (qwerty). in manjaro it is called Georgian (mess) and while using shift with alternate keys it writes capital latin symbols instead of geo. other symbols that doesn't need shift key works just like qwerty keyboards.

i get that this possibly is how the layout is made given that i found out that those alternate letters is binded to different outside keys like - [./ etc.

how can i edit layout itself so that i can make changes in it

solution: it turned out that there is other georgian layout that is simply called georgian and works like normal qwerty keyboard. for some reason i thought it wasn't the one. my mistake. everything works just fine now

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