Keyboard layout change hotkey

I can’t change keyboard layout at all, main shortcuts and alternative shortcut both set. Also shouldn’t you be able to change it through a dropdown on the widget? Can’t do it either, the only way is to delete a layout.
At first it was stopping to work after some time of using OS, now it doesn’t work on a fresh launch at all.

I’ve got tons of other problems, and I just wonder, can it possibly be due to BTRFS filesystem I chose? That’s the only thing that’s changed since me using Ubuntu.

Hi, thanks for the reply, yes they were set there as well, I tried several as well, not a single one works (Meta + Space, Shift + Alt + Z for example, each time hitting Apply). I was setting them in Keyboard → Layout before, seems it’s the same thing. It shows a warning each time I set an already used combination, but these mentioned are free, and still don’t work.