Keyboard is not working on HP Laptop


I have been using Manjaro for about 3 months or so on an HP Envy laptop that i had to put a fresh SSD in as I got it with no storage drive. Long story short, one of the hinges on the back plate broke so i decided to simply take the the SSD out and put it in with a second HP Envy laptop. Touchscreen and Touchpad both work with no issue, but the keyboard does not work once the OS is booted up. I am able to use it in the BIOS though which tells me that this is a driver issue. I am having to use KDE Connect/a USB keyboard to type, but would really prefer getting the internal keyboard working. I have been searching for a solution for hours to no avail.

Here are some things I tried:

ran the following

sudo modprobe -r atkbd && sleep 2 && sudo modpro atkbd

ran evtest and selected AT Translated Set 2 keyboard and nothing happened when i pressed keys

already tried multiple different Generic and Hewlett Packard keyboard models.

currently using kernel 5.18, but started this process with kernel 5.15

Went to HP Forums since this is a known issue with this laptop in windows as well as Linux. Had to disable Intel Integrated Sensor Hub. The way it was explained made it seem like the laptop assumed it was in tablet mode constantly.

To disable this, you need to add intel_ish_ipc to the blacklist.conf and run mkinitcpio -P then restart the machine.

hey, i am new linux user. can you tell me how to add intel_ish_pc to blacklist.conf in Steps?