Keyboard hangs up

Hi. I made a fresh installation of manjaro kde yesterday, and i’m having trouble with my keyboard (usb).
It stops frequently: i’m writing something and is just stops, mouse keeps responding. I have to wait some time, trying to change windows (ex. from console to firefox). after a while it starts writing again (but the characters digitized meanwhile are lost).
I had in the same pc, manjaro from 2018/2019, the pc has been disconnest all this time, had no hardware changes. I don’t have much experience with linux to look for problems
What can be causing this problem?
Thank you

  • If computer is old, with slow processor and HDD it may be lags. Try change programs or DE to something more lightweight. Also, if something demanding is running in the background – try to stop these programs and processes.
  • If everything was running smoothly before it may be dying keyboard. For more confidence try keyboard with another computer.

thanks for your response, it’s not old pc. 256gb SSD and 8gb ram and only about 20gb used
Also, it was working fine with the erlear version of manjaro and already tried with another keyboard.
Can’t nottice any problem when running top comand, values of %cpu and %mem seams normal

Also i’m having this prolem: this is how sandra types normally: