Keybindings warning - reason: mkinitcpio

When using consolefont AND get an error after sudo mkinitcpio -P
because of this Error:
“ERROR: consolefont: requested font not found: …”
And then change the entry “consolefont keymap” in mkinitcpio to: sd-vconsole
then there will be a warning like: gsd-media-keys[…]: Failed to grab accelerator for keybinding settings:
Solution in THIS case: replace “sd-vconsole” by “keymap”.

from ArchWiki - mkinitcpio…

Why would you do that? sd-vconsole is not a substitute for keymap. You still need keymap, unless you have a traditional US keyboard layout. But even then still I would not recommend leaving out keymap.

If you dont mind the default keymap of us then you can omit it.
Likely in that case, if /etc/vconsole exists … it may even be commented out.

keymap hook explanation:

Adds and Loads the specified keymap(s) from /etc/vconsole.conf during early userspace.

/etc/vconsole explanation:

A persistent keymap can be set in /etc/vconsole.conf, which is read by systemd on start-up. The KEYMAP variable is used for specifying the keymap. If the variable is empty or not set, the us keymap is used as default value.

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What is the issue exactly?

Means the font specified in /etc/vconsole.conf was not found in /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts.
Changing the hook won’t help you there.

It is, IF you use systemd init - see: - otherwise changing it just invites errors and drops functionality. Last I checked the default was still busybox.

Correct, but i do not need " consolefont" anyway.

sd-vconsoleis not a substitute for keymap` ==> consists of “keymap” and “consolefont”
later not needed so keymap is enough afai-think…
My personal mkinitcpio:
HOOKS=(systemd autodetect modconf block keyboard keymap filesystems)
(using enabled systemd-fsck)

This … and really nothing else.

a warning like: gsd-media-keys[…]: Failed to grab accelerator for keybinding settings:
how to avoid this messages – was my real question…

According to pacman that’s from gnome-settings-daemon.
I wonder how much that has to do with init.

that was hard to discern (for me) and I didn’t catch that

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My mistake — I was thinking of the keyboard hook and getting it mixed up with keymap. Indeed, with the sd-vconsole hook, you don’t need the keymap hook anymore. :wink:

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Or neither/none, in cases like outlined above :slight_smile:

( my current: autodetect systemd modconf kms block keyboard filesystems fsck )