Kernels and GCC8



Hi Team,

it seems new kernels are not expected soon, based on the stable queue log. Since we have now gcc8 in unstable a rebuild of all kernels is needed against this gcc version.

For me, I see no rush. Only DKMS is currently “broken”, as extramodules should be compiled with the same gcc version as the kernel was compiled with. Also my work-trip to Timișoara will happen next week (CW20), so expect no updates from my end.

Maybe @jonathon gets bonkers with his new Ryzen CPU or put the build-server for a spin. Either way, we should first test the new toolchain update and decide without a rush pushing it to testing or stable. Having a small break of package updates should be possible. - Thoughts?


I can rebuild and put things in xperimental or a separate repo?


Currently we have no xperimental repo. unstable branch would be enough. linux417 I might build in the upcoming days. Only in CW20 I might not do anything for Manjaro. So there is no rush yet in doing anything. However, when doing a kernel rebuild, also all extramodules need a bump.


Currently I’m building v49, v414, v416 and v417 against the new gcc8 series.


Only few kernels are still missing. Bernhard already worked on his real-time kernels. I’m currently doing v415 series and will see what needs to be done for v316, v318, v41 and v44.


Could we drop that to save some effort as it’s EOL anyway?


v318 and v44 are now also online. I finished also v316 and v41. This finalizes our effort on gcc8 rebuilds.


All kernels are recompiled against the new GCC version. Moved to testing branch now.


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