Kernel won’t start: can’t even boot up

yes… don’t force shutdown on manjaro

Don’t on any system no matter which distro or operating system :wink:


A very good lesson, except…

You shouldn’t force shutdown. FULL STOP

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And there are file systems that don’t throw up when they’re forcefully shut down.

  • jffs2 (tested on 30,000 devices over >12 years)
  • btrfs (tested on 20,000+ devices over > 5 years)

There may be others among the file systems that keep a journal. But I haven’t tested them. (This may not be true for encrypted systems, and not for all DE’s)

But any file system is happy not to be violently treated

These have an extra layer that needs to flush actual data to the device for the changes to be permanently stored, so no matter the filesystem inside it could still be broken by a forced power-off…

Bottom line: Forced power off = Always asking for trouble

@TriMoon thank you so much share the detial so helpful for me

This is the Manjaro Linux forum and has absolutely nothing to do with any version of Windows.

@moderators should this be on here?

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IMHO, no…
Especially if you look at the account age…