Kernel update on Pinephone, Manjaro/Phosh

Hi, I want to update my kernel but I don’t have a kernel section in the Manjaro Setting Manager. I downloaded the new kernel “linux-5.12.8.tar.gz” from kernel/git/stable/linux.git - Linux kernel stable tree but I can’t find a way to install it.
I have the latest updates installed but there was no kernel update. I’m new to Manjaro but long time Ubuntu user, where I get my kernel updates with all the other updates. I tried “sudo pacman -Syyu”. It gives me “:: synchronizing package databases… :: Starting full system upgrade… there is nothing to do”.
Is there a proper way to install it from the Archive Manager or the Terminal? Thanks!

edit: my kernel is 5.12.3-1-MANJARO-ARM

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It is no different in Manjaro, but you are getting that message because a new kernel generation is added to the repos.

So for instance, if you are running ─ say ─ 5.4 and there is a major update again, then your 5.4 kernel will be updated to the newest of the 5.4 branch along with the rest of the system, but if in the meantime 5.13 was added to the repo, then you’ll get a notice about that, but you will never be forced to upgrade to 5.13 ─ not even if your current kernel is EOL; instead, you’ll simply get a warning about that at the next major update.

Also, if you’re updating via the command line, then the command to install the new kernel generation is not pacman but…

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux513

… or whatever kernel version is applicable. mhwd-kernel not only installs the new kernel, but also all of its dependencies, including the kernel headers and any proprietary drivers.

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Thanks Aragorn! Good to know that updates are the same. And is there a way to upgrade from 5.12.3-1 to 5.12.8? Could I use that “linux-5.12.8.tar.gz” somehow. Earlier I tried “sudo mhwd-kernel -l” and it said “sudo: mhwd-kernel: command not found”. Weird. I guess there are a few things weird with the Pinephone or Manjaro-ARM. Someone else mentioned the Kernel section is missing in the Manjaro Setting Manager on his device too.

Considering that this is simply an update from 5.12 to a newer 5.12, it should automatically be installed along with any other updates when you issue… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -Syu

But then again, this is Manjaro ARM, and things might be different there in terms of what the currently stable kernel is. It is very likely that 5.12.3-1 is the current stable kernel for that platform.

I would not recommend manually installing kernels from a tarball. Yes, it can be done, but it requires a lot of hacking, and I’m not sure you’d want to risk rendering your Pinephone unbootable.

Have you tried… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -S mhwd-kernel



I tried “sudo pacman -S mhwd-kernel”. I get " error:target not found: mhwd-kernel"
When I try “sudo pacman -Syu” I get the same “:: synchronizing package databases… :: Starting full system upgrade… there is nothing to do”.

There was this article recentliy about the mentioned kernel where they said it makes everything more stable and energy efficient: Megi's PinePhone kernel updates bring battery life, performance improvements - Linux Smartphones But you are absolutely right that I don’t want to brick my phone :wink:

I’m pretty sure that there will be a new update soon for that kernel, so I will just wait. Thanks again for your help man, I love this community!


Let me clarify a few things.

First: Manjaro on the Pinephone does not have Manjaro Settings Manager by default, because it does not need it.

Second: The kernel package name of the pinephone kernel is linux-pinephone. No other kernel will run on the Pinephone, so don’t change it.

Third: The reason your kernel is 5.12.3 is because you are on Stable branch. This branch is usually a couple of weeks behind, when it comes to package updates.

So my question is: Why do you really need 5.12.8 on your PinePhone now?
The battery optimizations will come in time.


Hi Strit! I don’ need it, I’m just playing around. The battery life isn’t so great so I wanted to take a look at this improved version. Also KDE/Plasma wasn’t stable enough for me so I use Phosh, but Plasma looks nice and I thought with the new kernel it might be stable enough. And I’m curious about Manjaro and the how things run different from Ubuntu

The Manjaro Settings Manager was pre-installed in Phosh, just without the Kernel settings.

I saw your profile, “Lead Developer of Manjaro ARM”. Cool! Can you tell me why “sudo mhwd-kernel” doesn’t work for the ARM version? I know two questions, one thread… Only if you want to, otherwise just ignore it. :slight_smile:

Get the daily dev-images if you want to play with latest stuff …

Alright, thanks, I’ll check it out. But like I said I don’t want to brick it.

Simply get some microSD cards and flash them with the images. Test them out. The OS on the internal eMMC won’t get modified due this. Also a note: the first boot of Phosh might take longer.

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Sure, I run Manjaro Phosh from the SD. I wasn’t completely sure about the bootloader if there could be a risk. I’ll check it out, but I think I wasted enough time for now in the last few weeks with it. Good luck with your developments though, awesome to have a Linux-Phone!

Sure. We don’t have mhwd in ARM, because it would make no sense, since you can’t have multiple kernels installed on ARM and you can’t switch GPU driver either.

You sure it was Manjaro Settings Manager and not just Gnome Settings?

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Actually I was wondering the same thing, maybe I installed Manjaro Settings Manager, sorry.

About the multiple kernels, what if something goes wrong with the kernel installation. Is there no backup kernel or something like that. Thanks for your answer.

Nope. We have no extra kernels on ARM devices.

But I could always use an image from the SD-card, right?

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