Kernel update available but system is up to date

So I’m getting mixed messages from my system. I ran the updater in the system tray and everything updated but I’m also getting a pop up that says there is a kernel update available and that I should update.

The updater in the tray says everything is already updated so I must missing something. Clicking the popup doesn’t do anything.

Any help appreciated.

Which DE are you using?

What is originating the popup? The Pamac Software Manager?

your system is probably updated, the popup you are receiving it must be the manjaro settings notifier telling you that there is a new kernel version, ej: you have the lastest 5.15 kernel and the repos has the 5.16 so it triggers. If in doubt check updates on pamac.


can you return

sudo mhwd-kernel -li

For KDE:

Open Manjaro Notifier KDE Settings, then disable the following:


Or fine-tune enable whatever you desire based on your preferences.


Sorry, I’m very new to this software.

The thing giving me that popup is the manjaro settings manager.

I right clicked on it and found some options, one of which is kernels. Looking at the list that popped up it says running/installed for kernel 5.15.28-1.

It looks like there is another kernel not labelled experimental or realtime, version 5.16.14-1. Should I click the install button next to that one?

Edit, sorry I’m on kde plasma

version long term are 5.4 , 5.10 and 5.15 (LTS)
version current is 5.16 , 5.17 appears
see more

so you can add
kernel 5.16 , 5.10 ( check always minima required for cpu achitecture )

in case of trouble, press Esc on boot
you can select another kernel in advanced

if you see EOL , please you can then remove ( no more support )

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See my post above to disable these notifications.

Are you happy with the LTS kernel (5.15)? If so, there’s no need to use the next non-LTS kernel iteration.

You’ll save yourself from bumping into regressions that slip into newer kernel releases.