Kernel update and virtualbox kernel modules blues

I had an issue when I upgraded to the 6.2 kernel with the virtualbox-host modules not being in the repo.I guess I updated to fast so I removed virtualbox-host-modules and installed virtualbox-host-dkms which did build and are working without issues.I had the same issue several years ago with nvidia so I installed and use nvidia-dkms also with no issues.It maybe something I don’t have setup right but the only issue I’ve had is when a kernel updates from say 6.1 to 6.2 6.3 etc I use pamac and reinstall virtualbox-host-dkms and nvidia-dkms and they will build to the latest kernel and run with no issues.Just to mention I’m also running on the unstable branch so I don’t know if stable and testing would work the same way.

In a way I am glad reading the last 4 replies: I am not the only one running into issues with dkms.
The Manjaro wiki on installing virtualbox VirtualBox - Manjaro does not mention dkms at all.