Kernel Update 5.7

Hi I am a newbie to manjaro and dual booted just yesterday. When I use the LTS recommended kernels, I am not facing any issues, but when I use any of the latest kernel versions like even from 5.6 rt or 5.7, I am having issues related to hardware recognition, especially in audio. I want to understand why this happens and how do I fix this issue in the newer kernel versions? Kindly help me with this, thanks!


Usually the LTS kernels are for everyone to use, on different system setups, unless they require special things from newer kernels.
The rt is Real Time kernel. RT-Preempt patch makes it so, as a preemptible kernel so the system events are processed as efficiently as possible. Is not good for all hardware setups. Helps sometimes those systems dedicated to music production (for example).

YOU don’t, unless you know how to compile a custom kernel and modules for yourself.

Always keep 2 or 3 kernels and use the one that works for you from the LTS, then, once there are updates to the other kernels, test them and report issues, so those in charge making it will know what needs fixing.


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