Kernel UI missing after last updates? (wayland related?)

Since the last update, I can no longer find / start the graphical kernel interface. mhwd-kernel is still there, but the UI variant seems to be vanished.

According to a bit of digging it would be started via systemsettings msm_kernel but the system settings dialog no longer has “Kernel”. In fact, a lot of the items seem to be gone, for one everything that was under “Manjaro” and other things.

My machine is still running X, but inxi now also says “with: Xwayland”, which it didn’t before. It is still running kwin_x11 as compositor though.

After some more digging, it seems you can still access it via the “Manjaro Settings Manager”, which has a Kernel icon. But it no longer appears in System Settings and the direct link in the menu is gone.

Same as over here

Just to be complete and link to the wiki page on the tool itself.
(The kcm was a novel and recent addition particular to KDE)

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