Kernel switching

hi, can i switch kernel without GRUB menu? Maybe i can do with terminal or stuff like that… is it possible??

No, not during runtime.

Actually, yes, it is possible — that’s what kexec was created for; see the man page — but if the OP has to ask that question, then it’s not for them to play with. :wink:

actually my grub menu does not work. i can not choose options there. maybe it is technical issue(usb keyboard(s)not working at that time when GRUB menu appears) i thought why i have to choose options there, for switching kernels? therefore i decided switching them manually consequently i asked that question so i can do with kexec, right? i will read man page of that i found man page of kexec

That is usually a BIOS issue. If you use a traditional BIOS or a UEFI that’s set to boot in legacy BIOS emulation mode, then you have to enable legacy USB support in the settings.

how can i set, can you help me please?

also check the file /etc/mkinitcpio.conf

in the line that starts with: HOOKS
there needs to be the word: “keyboard
if you need to use that keyboard at boot time, you need to place that keyword before the keyword “autodetect

mkinitcpio - ArchWiki

the table under section 3.3.3

Note: For systems that are booted with different hardware configurations (e.g. laptops with external keyboard vs. internal keyboard or headless systems), this hook needs to be placed before autodetect in order to be able to use the keyboard at boot time, for example to unlock an encrypted device when using the encrypt hook.

the keyword is usually there - I think
just not at the right place - before “autodetect”

Enter the BIOS or UEFI settings at boot time by pressing the designated hotkey on your keyboard. Which key it is depends on the motherboard and the type of BIOS or UEFI.

On some systems it’s the Del key, on others it’s Ins or F1, and so on — see the documentation for your motherboard, because we don’t know what’s in your computer. :man_shrugging:

so all i have to do going to bios settings at the beginning of the system start and enable legacy usb support ?

Yes, that is correct.

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thank youuu it worked. :+1: :+1:

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