Kernel Selection During Install


I don’t think this would be an unreasonable request. I have, as of yet, had no problems installing Manjaro and then switching to a different Kernel after the fact. But… I could see someone having problems getting Manjaro to run after an install if the Kernel is causing issues. Also… I think it would be a nice convenience during the install. I tend to keep to the 4.9 LTS Kernel these days on the hardware(s) I use.


Manjaro Architect offers this. And its now available on most .isos, as well as by itself.


That’s good. I have not played with Architect. I will now. :slight_smile:

But for the NOOB who needs a GUI installer, I think this should still be an option in the Live Installer.

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I agree. The only downside could be potential confusion among newbies, i.e. “which kernel should I choose?” ad nauseam.

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if the kernel is causing issues, those users would not even reach the GUI on Live Boot, because the iso only boots one kernel - or am I wrong with that assumption?

If I am correct, those potential users will only succeed with installing when using the commandline - architect tool.


This is correct.

The ISO will only boot using one kernel, which one is decided by the person creating the ISO.
The consensus have been to build ISO’s using the latest LTS kernel, since that is sure to stay around until a new ISO is released.

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thanks for confirming.
The only improvement for those users could be adding some kind of interface to architect, like an interactive shell script that offers all possible options for each step on the screen. (I never used architect so I don’t know if this is already present there)


I’m not convinced of the need to implement this.

If your system doesn’t boot with the installer image’s kernel you’re stuck. If it does boot with the default kernel, then you end up with a known-good kernel rather than installing a potentially non-working kernel.

The LTS kernel is a good default and it’s pretty trivial to install another one post-install.

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Thanks for the reply. Another reply to my post suggested that Architect has the ability to select Kernels during the install. For me, I think this will fit my needs. The 4.14 LTS Kernel with the Nvidia 390 drivers act wonky on my hardware. Going back to the 4.9 LTS Kernel fixed that issue. I think from now on, I will try to use Architect for my installs. At least I can select software I want to install.


Hmm.. reading through the forum, with different hw or driver problems, i thought it would be nice to select different LTS kernels at the live ISO.

A text msg like "If you have installation problems try to use an older LTS kernel. If you are good, use the newest LTS kernel"
would explain it?

This way, newcomers with weird laptops/hardware/wlan/graphics can install Manjaro more easily?

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and how big would that iso be
but if its in the mhwd packages all kernels with extra modules would take additional 1gb.its not worth it.


The problem as I see it is that if their hardware doesn't support the kernel from the live ISO, they won't be able to run the installer to the point to make the kernel selection. If their hardware is supported, then it is easy enough to do it afterwards.


Ok, its not so simple as it seems...


The other option would be to include multiple kernels on the live installer and allow the user to choose which to boot, but that's adding a lot of extra complexity.

On the other hand, it would allow for 4.19 to be the default but also provide e.g. 4.14 and 5.* for people who need them.

I have no idea how much work that would be to implement.