Kernel parameters to boot on Skylake i7-6700HQ laptop



I just tried the latest preview of Manjaro Ellada, as I try any new version of Manjaro since almost a year, on my laptop, which is a MSI GS60-6QE Pro 4K, and as usual it is not booting. Either it stop at the MHWD startup or when launching X when I use nomodeset.

As it seems some of you might have successfully boot and even install Manjaro on Skylake laptop, I would like to ask kindly what kernel parameters you have used?


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Maybe you will find something useful there:



I have been there few times already. :slight_smile:
But that does not solve my issue.
I forgot to mention that I have updated the BIOS along with the microcode, did not help.


Maybe try


and as a last ditch effort:



If you somehow can get the latest kernel on installation media


Wait . Is this an optimus setup ? :confounded:

Maybe try this:
nomodeset i915.modeset=0 nouveau.modeset=0


I think so


I have a laptop with i5-6200U and it works properly. I don’t see why yours won’t work.

I think it is rather a GPU problem than CPU problem. Can you give some info about your graphics?


Yes the laptop is equipped with Optimus…
Already tried with nomodeset and modesets at 0 and it seems that X is crashing upon start.


Yes you are right probably it would work if this was not an Optimus laptop.
The GPU is a NVidia GTX 970M.


I will try this parameters, again because I think I already tried them.