Kernel Panic with 'enable_uart=1' set in config.txt

With Manjaro 20.10 (XFCE) on a Pi4 (latest firmware) - I am trying to use the power LED functionality from the GPIO pin. This is tied to UART0 on pin 8.

Under PiOS the 'enable_uart=1" in config.txt enables the UART and drives the LED as expected.

The behavior I am getting with Manjaro is a kernel panic. I switched to kernel 5.4.80-1 and that had the same panic. Looking at the boot text UART0 seems to be enabled by default. But the LED does not come on.

Is there an alternative parameter I can add to config.txt to get the power LED to function from pin 8?

Is it possible UART0 is being enabled a second time, causing the kernel panic?

I do not think I have ever been able to boot with enable_uart=1 in config.txt with the RPi kernel but if booting a uboot kernel it has to be set. I am not familiar with the Pi OS but if you used raspi-config to set things then it may do some other stuff automatically that has to be done manually with other OS’s.

Thanks for the reply @Darksky. Sounds like a known issue regarding the ‘enable_uart=1’ setting. I have for now written a python script to drive the LED using the GPIO module. Tieing it into the startup and shutdown seems to work fine.