Kernel panic on Manjaro KDE 20.1 and 20.2, but not 20.0

I have noticed since Manjaro KDE 20.1 with Broadcom BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter, the kernel panics shortly after I connect to a wireless LAN. I’ve been using Manjaro on the same machine for several years on various versions. I have spent some time investigating this today and found that it happens every time from 20.1 KDE onwards, but not 20.0 KDE.

I have never experienced problems with this system for several years, while running 17.1.11 KDE and 18.0 KDE. No hangs or crashes at all.

I’m posting this to bring others’ attention to it more than anything and highlight it. I’m aware that there were other reports of kernel crashes in 2018 for Broadcom BCM4313 under Arch and others for a slightly different Broadcom model for Manjaro, also in 2018. Since 20.0 works fine, perhaps it has been resolved but then broken again.

Apologies for not including the panic message - it won’t allow an image to be uploaded, or even a link to it.

KDE 20… you are from far future :crazy_face: but of course you mean KDE 5.20 :wink:

First upgrade your system, current stable KDE version is 5.20.5, there is no reason to use old software. No one will solve problems that may have already been resolved.

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Thanks for the reply Tomek. I’m not sure I follow, but no, this is not an old version – it’s the current release today at Manjaro - Downloads which says KDE Plasma 20.2.1 at that link. That’s the version causing the kernel panic.

Incidentally I’m using a live boot on a flash drive, for now at least. Hope that helps to clarify.

So by KDE 20 you meant ISO version :slight_smile:

Try newer iso:

If I understand correctly you download and install every ISO. It’s not the proper way, you install Manjaro once and only update – it’s always up to date. Manjaro is rolling distro.