Kernel Panic at starting system

Hi there, totally newbie here (distro-hopping phase). I need to ask for help, after installation of latest Manjaro version (triple boot with Windows 8 and Ubuntu) after updating GRUB at Ubuntu when I want to boot Manjaro I receive error with kernel panic. I don’t know how to solve it myself nor I don’t know anyone who could help me local. I upload “screenshoot” of screen after booting. Thanks for all your help!

Hi! That’s because only Manjaro’s bootloader (grub) can load Manjaro, because Manjaro has some extra configuration to do microcode loading which breaks when a different GRUB setup is used (like in your case Ubuntu’s). If you use UEFI, there should be a shortcut key (F-something) that on boot brings you to a menu to select which bootloader you want to use, and there you can select Manjaro.

If that doesn’t work see this topic:


Thanks! I will check that out when I will be back in home and tell if it works for me.

$ ll /boot
-rw-r--r--  1 root root  1303040 Jul  9 22:15 intel-ucode.img

Like mentioned above if you want to boot Manjaro you have to use its grub, which incoporates the intel microcode image.

Manjaro grub can boot Ubuntu, but Ubuntu grub will not boot Manjaro without manual grub.cfg editing.

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I used command line in GRUB as it was in tutorial and it fortunatelly worked. Now I’m happy user of Manjaro Linux. Thanks!

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If you don’t want to do this process every time you want to boot to Manjaro, there is a link at the end of the tutorial (footnote) how to make Manjaro load from another distro’s bootloader.

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