Kernel panic at shutdown




I’ve installed manjaro on a desktop PC and get the error from the attached file whenever I try to shutdown the machine.

After a long-press forced power-off, chromium saved sessions (such as gmail) are gone, and sometimes the whisker-menu preferences (favorites, icon sizes).

Occurs on both 4.8.1 and 4.4.24 kernel versions.

Any idea what might cause it and what are some possible workarounds ?

Thank you.


Do you close chromium before you shutdown?
How are you triggering the actual shutdown. Menu option? Power button?

Once you actually get a kernel oops, nothing further can be saved.

So I would recommend closing apps until you get this problem sorted.

Edit: Someone is sure to ask for inxi -F output.


Yes, chromium gets closed before.

I’ve tried to shutdown using both the action buttons plugin on the xfce panel and the shutdown -h now command in the terminal.

I’ll have access to the hardware specs on Monday if necessary, it’s a pre-build PC from alienware this year (skylake, dual nvidia 10x0, nvme). Compared to my ultrabook, I’ve seen that there are more modules blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/. Could it be related to the problem ? Could it be from the i2c_dw_isr / i2c_designware_core modules ?


Kernel 4.7 explicitly supports Skylake. 4.8 still has major bugs that need to be fixed.

sudo manjaro-settings-manager

then select kernel47 to install it along with all necessary hardware drivers compiled for that kernel.


Same problem on kernel 4.7
How do I get that error log in a text format ?


If I block the i2c_designware modules, shutdown works again.

$ cat /etc/modprobe.d/myblock.conf
blacklist i2c_designware_platform
blacklist i2c_designware_core

Is it safe to keep them like this ?


If you don’t need that controller and it creates issues, simply block it. With journalctl --since=today you might get the last logs on a systemd system if any written to disk.


Thank you
It’s not there :frowning:
I don’t know what is i2c_designware useful for, could only find so far that it messes with people touchpads