Kernel panic after installing manjaro kde on multiboot system

I installed manjaro kde on a system that already has three other distros. None of them are windows. The mbr is written and controlled from Opensuse tumbleweed kde. I get the kernel panic when I try to start the Manjaro installation. I got into manjaro using a grub super disk and ran grub-update from the command line as root, but alas the kernel panic still comes up. I am mostly a gui person but can use the command line if I can find the commands needed to do the job. What would be the best thing to do to get beyond ‘kernel panic’ and get manjaro to boot from my grub menu?


Hi! There are several threads here regarding this topic if you do a little search.

For example this or this.

I read those before and after your reply. It seems way more complicated than I prefer. I have other distros that boot without problems. I will stick with them. Thanks for you help.

Manjaro uses a different boot “protocol/naming” than other linux distros, so if you try to boot from OpenSuse, you had to create a custom config from there, special for Manjaro. A scenario was explained also here as Case 1:

Another solution would be to make the Manjaro boot the main boot loader …

Manjaro must be booted from Manjaro’s Grub, as it’s modified specifically for it. With Manjaro Grub you can launch any other distros. Using other Grubs, you will get kernel panic, that’s normal reaction.

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