Kernel Changing Upon Re-Boot

So I’m completely new to Linux OS, so please do excuse my ignorance. I’ve been having issuing where the preferred Kernel is switching to 5.14.10-1 upon re-boot of the system. I re-booted the system, selected 5.10.70-1 LTS and all was gravy. Booted fine, that was the Kernel that was shown to be running, uninstalled 5.14.10-1 and went on my way. Upon re-booting today I checked what Kernel was running and it had reverted back to 5.14.10-1…but that was showing as being uninstalled through the GUI app.

What does the following command show:

 mhwd-kernel -li

It is recommended that you have at least two kernels installed, preferably a LTS one and one other. It sounds like you really did not remove the 5.14 Kernel and the higher number kernel will boot first by default unless you choose advanced options. Give the following a good read:


Thank you very much! That worked wonderfully and a bit ashamed I didn’t check the wiki first~

One other question I have if you don’t mind. Is the GPU driver version tied to the kernel that is being run? In other words, would running a more 'current version of a kernel would yield in a different proprietary driver version for the GPU?

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You might want to post that as a separate question. I only run laptops here with Intel integrated graphics and I am not a gamer. I would think that the GPU driver is tied to the specific graphics hardware that you are running.

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