Kernel 6.8.5-1 not booting properly

You might be able to regenerate them all by something like

sudo pacman -Syu $(pacman -Qnq)

I tried that, and I got only the same pacsave (now dealt with)

What would you recommend? Should I reinstall Manjaro once again? amd microcode hook missing is not ideal.

The microcode thing was introduced in mkinitcpio v38. Manjaro stable is still on v37.3. If you are on the stable channel, there is no missing hook.

Thank you. I really wasn’t looking forward to reinstalling.

Yeah but thats beyond the point for everything they are missing.

We know, for instance, that pacman.conf should have the [community] section removed.

And no way to know what else is missing.

I suppose you can make that repo change, sync/upgrade … and then hope for the best until you see more pacnews.

Otherwise there are some scripty ways of trying to regenerate them, ex this thread;

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