Kernel 6.1 causes machines with some WIFI cards (MT76) to lockup

Kernel 6.1.0 provided with the latest Manjaro update is KO on a haswell laptop (CPU: quad core Intel Core i7-4750HQ with integrated graphics). Systems regularly freezes a few seconds after launching the desktop environment.

Kernel 6.0.14 is OK. Cannot seem to get anything useful from journalctl after poweroff and restart.

Any clue?

Attempted testing again…

  • Failure is major and comes with data loss, all my btrfs snapshots are gone;
  • Failure appears to be triggered by using graphics, possibly by accelerated graphics. Booting, leaving the sddm login screen on, switching to a text console and using the system from there does not trigger the freeze;
  • When the system freezes it is impossible to ping it from the outside;
  • When the freeze occurs the system appears to be unable to log it on any persistent storage.

So I think that we are facing a major kernel regression in 6.1

Tested the arch kernel that is already at 6.1.1. Also KO. So be careful with 6.1 kernels.

Freeze is so bad that not even the Sysrq trick works (I have it enabled).

Issue has been correctly identified and a fixed 6.1 kernel is available. See [v4] wifi: mac80211: fix initialization of rx->link and rx->link_sta - Patchwork and FS#76922 : [linux] Kernel 6.1 causes the system to freeze on haswell laptop (last posts in the thread).

Would be great if the fixed 6.1 kernel could be made available as a Manjaro kernel as soon as an upstream kernel release is made given the gravity of the regression that can cause data loss.

I also understand that Manjaro 22.0 Sikaris image uses the broken 6.1 kernel, unclear to me if it can be respun. As is it may cause some machines to freeze during installation.

Updated the issue title, as the problem has nothing to do with the cpu series, but is triggered by some wifi hardware.

If you have a MediaTeck WIFI adaptor in the MT76 series, you should avoid kernels in the 6.1 series until the fix is revised and included in the kernel.

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