Kernel 5.9 Bluethooh Atheros 3012

Hello I would like to understand how the kernels are updated over and over again in manjaro and the compatibility with this device is not resolved
I installed kernel 5.9 already a week ago and suddenly all the hardware worked perfectly since with previous versions it turned on and off continuously when pairing new bluetooth devices.
Although the problem came back with a 5.9 kernel update and once again the bluethooth fails.

Could someone help me trying to find a solution with this or another kernel since I see the problem is in the kernel and not in Linux firmware.

Manjaro makes it pretty easy for you to install, use, test multiple kernels

For kernel development in general… you will have to look elsewhere, such as the mailing lists with linus.

Thanks for your answer, install the kernel from 4.18 LTS to 5.9 from your GUI tool for kernel of manjaro “mhwd-kernel” and none of these works how weird is with the ZEN kernel everything works but I don’t want the zen kernel I want a kernel manjaro official that’s why I installed manjaro once more from 0

Solution found by installing the LTS kernel
Linux 5.4.80-2-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Nov 28 09:58:18 UTC 2020 x86_64 GNU/Linux

thanks to manjaro support for the help.

after a while trying try to connect a bluetooth headset throwing me a message in kde plasma of

bluetooth protocol not available

Fix it by installing this package.

$ sudo pacman -S pulseaudio-bluetooth

Notice that I uninstall a similar package and then install pulseaudio-bluetooth

Now Bluetooth works for me in any kernel

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