Kernel 5.9.13-1 Not up yet?


I just saw so many Distros up on Kernel 5.9.13-1 I am on Manjaro KDE 20.2 latest ISO 12/07 but I don’t see latest Kernel in Kernel Manager. Is it me or is it still being tested ? I thought Arch was a Rolling Distro hence Manjaro too…

Am a n00b so forgive this post if it’s inappropriate xD


You currently only have the latest kernel in the unstable branch.
Arch also currently has the 5.9.13 in the stable branch, the 5.9.14 is yesterday, for example. only appeared.
But it is precisely this that makes the somewhat increased stability that some packages are held back for a few days and test series at Manjaro …

Stable : 5.9.11-3
Testing : 5.9.12-1
Unstable : 5.9.14-1

Search for linux59 here:

Also see:

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Thanks for reply… I got it now. Held back for added security and stability… Noted… I thought Manjaro was Arch with some customization, turns out it’s Arch + Customization + Added security layers = Amazing and stable…

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