KeePassXC vs BitWarden, Which is the best password manager?

KeePassXC and BitWarden are open source. You can vote what is your favorite password manager :slightly_smiling_face:

  • BitWarden
  • KeePassXC
  • Other

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These two choices are very different.

I don't think either is "best". It is more a question of priorities.

keepass is a primary offline password management solution while bitwarden is a cloud-based password management application.

bitwarden is more convenient and but you have more control with keepass.

With keepass you need a separate mechanism for sync'ing the local database to various devices.

There are more pros and cons than that.

Question: what is the point of this poll?



Heh. Voting's broken. :rofl:

Anyway, I use pass.

I use keepass for several years now and do not know bitwarden.

I sync the database via syncthing (Linux and Android devices).

I used Dropbox for syncing but four years ago switched to seafile on a Raspberry and two years ago to syncthing, first on my Raspberry soon after that on a ODROID hc1.

I used both, saved the corresponding password file in Dropbox to be used with workstation, laptop and phone. But got used to the Firefox extension from BitWarden and dropped KeePassXC. So I have to vote:

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