KDEWallet deletion

Is there a way I can just delete KDE wallet with the terminal? It’s causing me a lot of wifi related problems that won’t fix themselves through the normal methods.

In theory, yes, but doing so may break things, so if you do this, then you’re on your own. Thou be warned! :wink:


sudo pacman -R kwallet kwallet-pam kwalletmanager signon-kwallet-extension

Why not simply disable it then, instead of uninstalling it? :man_shrugging:

attempted that, same wifi issues, constantly asking for the password. My mobile hotspot works fine and so do networks that don’t require passwords. I’ve attempted “allow all users to access” and storing the password as not encrypted, I’ve even disabled the wallet subsystems and still have the same issue.

EDIT: I also attempted to log into my wifi through the terminal in hopes the daemon wouldn’t block me again. It still did.

Did you follow the configuration for allowing it to unlock with the session?


Just did so, I still have the same issue with the daemon.

on a further note: I straight up disabled the wallet. Same problem.

I have to buy a wifi card. The issue was not KDE.

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